Best Routes in U.S

Everyone knows that America is the best place for a special vacation. There are many opportunities for every taste like adventurous trips, river cruises and relaxing vacations. Now, we are going to talk about those kind of people that like to taste a little bit of everything.

The scenic rails in America are one of a kind. You can stay for hours in one train and just enjoy the amazing view that the landscape offers you. So for those interested in this particular kind of trip, we found the best routes for you to go and visit them.

First, we're going to start with Cog Railway from New Hampshire. It's the oldest cog railway of the world and it has been running without a hitch for almost 150 years. The trip is about three hours and you can see the beautiful landscape of Mount Washington. This is an interesting ride and gives you the opportunity to experience an ancient gorgeous train.

Another amazing train is found in Illinois and it's named Silver Creek and Stephenson Railroad. This is a special place, run by special people. This railroad is run by a non-profit organization and it's main purpose is to spread the joy of historic trains with the public. The train has a 1912 steam locomotives and runs for 3.4 miles showing beautiful places. One special moment that you can experience is that you can be the lucky tourist that can actually take control of the train with guidance and supervision. The trip is very cheap and takes a few hours.

For those who have a passion for railroad history, Steam into History from Pennsylvania is a place where you need to go. They maintain very alive this history and they share those interesting stories with all tourists. Passages that choose this train are taken through York country along the route that president Abraham Lincoln and Union troops travelled during the Civil War. Every part of this place is surrounded by history.

Also you can find trains that gives you the chance to see the rainforest untouched by human and wild life in his routine. Cass Scenic Railroad situated in West Virginia gives you the possibility to experience all that amazing things seen only in the nature. The journey has 4.5 hours and the locomotive will climb up to 4.700 feet. You just must be prepared with worm clothes because it can be cold up at 4.700 feet.

Boone & Scenic Valley Railroad from Iowa can be a great adventure for those you want something special but don't have a lot of time. The journey has 2 hours and gets you to see the amazing landscapes of the Des Moines River Valley. In those two hours you can admire the rainforest, amazing bridges that cross the rivers and great personal. For those who are hungry along the trip you can choose a gourmet meal in the railroad dinner train.

Those examples are choose to let you make a decision based on your type of vacation. If you don't have any idea were you want to stay, you can also choose from a multitude of offers to a hotel from Tripeconomy.