Why travelling by train is so amazing?

    If we were to list trips by how relaxing they are, train rides are the most laid back style of travel, with no doubt. You just sit back, relax and admire the view while enjoying the facilities of the train. Great, isn't it? And everybody should know that the most beautiful destinations in the world are also home for some amazing train rides. And those journey can last from two-three hours to a week or even more, allowing you to pass through different cities, mountains, tunnels and to see many beauties of the world.

    Beside that you can enjoy your meal while travelling, make new friends and get a good night's rest in a private sleeping cabin, there are many more benefits of travelling by train. But also a few disadvantages, we will talk about them in the end.

    So first of all, you have much comfort on board. It depends on the passenger class, but however your trip will be more comfortable than flying or driving. Rail passengers are usually afforded large seats and they are also allowed to move freely inside the train. Passengers from sleeper class have their own cabin where they can sleep in beds and take a good rest. You can also have meals, drink something at the bar, use Wi-Fi or watch TV, these facilities being available for first-class fares.

    Safety is another advantage, and according to statistics, accidents and breakdown are rare, so railways are the safest form of transport.

    Sightseeing. You can observe the countryside as you pass through it. This is also available when travelling by car, but for sure you can't do this when travelling by plane. So enjoy the view!

    You can bring more luggage. Even if for long distance journey, travellers usually choose cars or planes, the advantage of train trips is that you can transport larger and heavier luggage pieces without any restriction or additional costs.

    Moreover, you can be productive while travelling. You can work (if you brought your laptop), you can read, write something, socialize with other passengers, take pictures of the landscapes or plan what you will visit at the destination.

    As disadvantages, we would point the fixed schedules (you don't have the same flexibility as when you travel by car), sharing the space with foreigners and the long time of the transport. Depending on your preferences, these disadvantages may become advantages if you are sociable and don't have any hurry.



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